11th Annual CAMALS Film Fest

10 May

Image by Chase Kerrigan

By Publications Class

CAMALS (Certificate of Artistry Media Arts at Lusher School) annual film festival had a screening at Le Petit Theatre Wednesday, May 1st and will have a second screening on Lusher’s Brees Family Field Saturday, May 18th.  

CA Media Arts students work on these group projects most of second semester.  In the first year of CA Media Arts, projects are 3- to 4-minute short films.  Second-year media arts students make movie trailers.  In the third year, students produce a 5- to 7-minute film, and in fourth year, a year-long film of at least 10 minutes is required. 

Students spend about a month writing the script with full-class table reads for feedback then a period of scheduling actors, locations, and filming.  Finally, post-production takes the most time due to the intensity of the viewing, critiquing, reshooting, and editing process. 

“It’s a fun learning process,” said Junior Chase Kerrigan.  “My favorite part of the festival is getting people’s reactions.”

“I was the cinematographer on my group’s film,” Junior Dom Tolliver said.  “The process of CAMALS helped me to understand the concept of color theory and how certain colors work to convey certain emotions.”

“After 11 years of our annual film festival,” Mr. Soileau said, “I think the creation of this year’s films resulted in having the best CAMALS Festival I’ve ever seen.  Our second year of showing at Le Petit Theatre has also taken the festival to a new level.  The results of this show have shown just how deep our students’ passion for filmmaking really is.”

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