And the Grand Kitsch Prize Award Goes to...

30 Jan

By Cassandra Nelson

If you’ve walked up or down the 2nd to 3rd floor stairwell on the high school side of the Freret campus, you’d know that there’s an impressive display of incredibly cheesy and cliche artwork done by the CAVA Level 1 class on the bulletin board there. Ms. Mueller instructed her students to make their best imitation of bad art and make something that they know does not generally belong in a traditional studio art gallery or critique. From macaroni art of a yellow minion Jesus to a beautiful sketch of a condensed tomato soup can with emojis on it, CAVA Level 1 artists were able to showcase their artistic talent through terrible art pieces in a Kitsch competition. Students and teachers cast votes for what they thought was the “best” worst art from Friday, January 18 to Tuesday, January 29. 

 The results?  

A sweeping victory of the 2019 Grand Kitsch Prize was announced for Bryant Carroll and his horrible masterpiece, “Macaroni Minion Jesus.”  

Matt Vogel was runner-up with an awful “Hit or Yiff.”

Both received trophies designed by Jacob Chastant, one of a praying rabbit and one of two swimming M&M characters.  

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