Arts 504: Dance

08 May

Photo by Harry Neelis

By Publications Class

Lusher dancers have been busy this spring.  On April 5th and 6th, the Spring Dance Concert took place at Ursuline Academy’s auditorium.  The performance included the elementary school dance troupe, the middle school dance ensemble, and the high school CA dance program.  

“This was our first year ever in the history of Lusher that we were not at Tulane’s Dixon Hall,” Ms. Buckels said.  “It was a big adjustment, but the show went on without a hitch.  The folks at Ursuline were really gracious.”

“I think the kids did a great job being on time for their pieces,” Ms. de Chaby Carter said, “because they were held in the cafeteria, and they had to do quick changes and run across the courtyard to the stage.  They did a great job taking on responsibility for that.”  

This was followed by the senior showing in the Willow Goldring Auditorium on May 4th.  Seniors choreographed 8-10 minute pieces which four cohorts of juniors performed.  

"I think we had an incredibly strong group of seniors this year who created some really interesting and well-thought-out pieces," said de Chaby Carter.  "The juniors did a wonderful job performing their work, and they all put on a great show."

 Senior choreographed pieces included the following:

The Ephemeral vs. The Everlasting
Choreography: Sommer Madison and Chloe Roberts
Music: Philip Glass and Max Richter, with spoken word by Alan Watts
Dancers: Isabella Brown, Anifiah Foster, Ella Maas, Whitney Ohazurike, and Elise Snowden

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Choreography: Erin London and Adaézé Walton
Music: Alef, Son Lux
Dancers:  Erin London, Courtney Nero, Tai’La Patterson, Gillian Terrie, Adaézé Walton and Amaya Williams


Ni de aqui, ni de acá 
Choreography: Romina De La Puente and Kyndall Woods
Music: Os Tincoãs, K’NAAN, Snow The Product, Riz MC, Residente, Seal, Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Dancers: Diamond Armwood, Kalen Joseph, Camryn Marshall, Abigail McWhorter, and Marguerite

And Their Names Were...
Choreography: Celeste Mercadel and Della Tasker
Music: Coast Modern, alt-J, XXXTENTACION, EDEN, Max Richter
Dancers:  Kylan Francois, Lacey Jackson, Zoe Kanga, Celeste Mercadel, Scarlett Mitchell-Yang, and Della Tasker

Performances at the Spring Dance Concert included the following:

  • “Devolution” performed by the Company 

  • “Isilo” performed by the Corps 

  • “Club Secreto” by the Middle School Dance Ensemble 

  • “The Hunt” performed by the Willow Dance Troupe 

  •  “The Brave Ones” performed by the Company

  • “Meditation” performed by the Corps

  • “Put a Pep in Ya Step” by the Willow Dance Troupe

  • “Still Waters Run Deep” by the Company

  • “Yas Kween!” performed by the Willow Dance Troupe

  • “Does Not Compute” by the Upper Corps

  • “Now Count Backwards from Ten…” by the Company

  • “Swagger” performed by the Upper Corps

Congratulations to Lusher dancers at every level on a beautiful Spring season!

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