CA Connect Links Middle and High

16 Apr

By Grear Palmer

In January, Lusher School presented their annual CA Connect workshop. Certificate of Artistry is a four-year intensive program with concentrations on visual arts, media arts, theater, musical theater, stagecraft, symphonic band, orchestra, dance, jazz band, choir, and creative writing that Lusher provides for all students. The yearly CA Connect workshop has a goal of informing incoming freshmen of their options within the Lusher community and which art form they may be interested in. During this event, eighth graders met with CA teachers and students from all 11 certificate of artistry programs. 

The students rotated around four classrooms where 2-3 CAs were discussed in each room. In the middle school building, all 8th graders were told about the application process and the future responsibilities that are expected in each program. Information was discussed about the curriculum, schedules, and how to deal with expectations and time management within these CAs. 

Elizabeth Sepanik, Lusher’s K-12 Curriculum Coordinator, managed the CA Connect day.  “There were discussions, student work displays, videos, performances, and other activities to show the 8th graders the programs,” Sepanik said.  “For example, some programs like CAVA and CA creative writing created videos for the students to watch.  CA symphonic band had high school students perform.  A CA stagecraft student showed the 8th graders a design he had created.” 

The CA Connect event strives to inform potential artists about their possibilities, as well as to connect together our high school and middle school students. 

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