Life Could Be A Dream, Triplets, and a Funky Good Time

18 Dec

By Sophia Wilson

The Dance Department is at it again! On Thursday and Friday December 5th and 6th, the dance department had their annual December Dance Concert at the Goldring Centre. It featured dances from two 7th grade exploratories classes, 8th grade CA prep students, as well as all four levels of CA Dance. 

When asked what went well this year, Ms. Buckels remarked that “the flow of the show went really well. I ran the lights this year and the music, and I felt that I didn't have to wait for the dancers to get in place.” 

Choreography was from Ms. Healan, Ms. Buckels, Ms. Carter, and the student dancers. Ms. Healan choreographed the opening dance, “Life Could Be A Dream,” performed by Level 3 dancers, “Ballet Class Demonstration” performed by Level 2, “Arabian Variation from the Nutcracker” performed by Level 1, and “Finding Home (Excerpt)” performed by Level 4. 

Ms. Buckels choreographed a “Class Demonstration” performed by 8th Grade CA Prep (B Days), “Ray” performed by Level 2, and “Funky Good Time” performed by Level 4. 

Ms. Carter choreographed “Triplets” performed by 8th Grade CA Prep (A Days), and with the help of dancers choreographed “Dancing Queen”  performed by 7th Grade Exploratory (Period 3), “Everybody Dance” performed by 7th Grade Exploratory (Period 4), and “Hand Jive” performed by Level 1. “Puzzle” was choreographed by Level 3 dancers and arranged by Ms. Carter. Level 3 dancer Lucy Burvant enjoyed helping choreograph her level’s December Dance piece. 

“Working together with people that I don't usually work with was fun and hard at the same time. Learning to work together and choreograph is a skill we will need for next year. This experience will definitely help us with our senior pieces next year.”

On Thursday before the concert, dancers spent the day at the Goldring Centre for tech rehearsal. All of the dancers rehearsed their pieces in the space with music and lights. They also got to spend time together. 

Marguerite Valadie said that the reason the dance concert is so amazing each year is because “we work really hard all year to prepare for this concert. The dances are all so much fun to do because it is with your friends. The dance CA is a tight knit group of hardworking students, and it shows on stage.”


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