Boredom During the Pandemic: Advice on How to Fight It

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By Nina Moore

Amid a pandemic in which the most plentiful things we have are an endless amount of food and school, it's inevitable that, even if we don’t come down with COVID, we are all going to become sick with boredom! 

There’s still quite little that can be safely done, but don’t be downhearted. There are ways to conquer this never ending battle of boredom. Whether you choose to stay inside your safe house or adventure to the outside, there are many things that can be done. Take a cue from your peers:

“Paint in your backyard, listen to music, get a tan, and go on a walk (with your mask),” says Kayla Morrell, a junior.

“Go to the park or the lake to paint,” says Fabienne Hughes, a junior. 

“Start gardening, start a new craft, or maybe try to play a new instrument,” says Abigail Bix, a junior. 

“I got a hammock over quarantine and sat on it and read outside,” said senior Sophia Wilson. 

Your boredom is almost always controlled by what you have around you to keep you busy, so try to surround yourself with the things you love to do. Fabienne does “either dance or Tiktok,” while Abigail finds comfort in “starting on a large art project.” 

“I’ve been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Great British Baking Show, and I definitely recommend it,” said Kayla.

Even if you’re running out of options for occupying your time, if you try to stay positive, you can always find some wacky thing to become interested in. Some students at Lusher have even been able to rate their boredom. If something is so bad that you can rate it, it's always best to try to fix that thing immediately before it becomes dreadful.

Take being at school, either online or in person, for example. Sophia “would give it a 4,” while Abigail has said, “On the average school day I’m about an 8 on the boredom scale because I have trouble focusing.”

No matter how you rate it, being online for hours at a time can definitely contribute to boredom. Nothing beats being in school and seeing your friends. Abigail looks forward to getting back into her “pre-pandemic” schedule. “School will occupy a full 7 hours of my day. I’m looking forward to that.” 

Surprisingly, many teenagers feel the same way right now. We might have longed to be online during class in the past, but now, we just want to get back into the classroom with our friends like before. 

To end on a happy note, this pandemic won’t last forever, and the day it ends seems closer now that a vaccine is nearing approval.  There is going to be some day in the not-too-distant future when we can go to the store and see each other’s smiles.  We’ll be able to hang out with friends without having to wear a hazmat suit. Soon we will be ecstatic to freely breathe the polluted, unfiltered air. 

At least now, if COVID keeps hanging around, you have some suggestions on what to do to fight boredom. Until this is over, stay safe, wear your masks, social distance, and do all you can to safely enjoy your inside time during COVID!