Bumblebee: The Movie Review

By Nina Rollins

In early December, theaters were filled with buzzing fans excited to experience the new movie addition to the Transformers series. After an entire year since the last Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, was released, fans filled theaters to break the box office once again for the 2018 addition.

I got the enjoyment of visiting the theaters as well in early January. Despite the hype that seemed to calm down publicly a month after it was released, fans were still lining up at 11 p.m. showings. I had been a fan of Transformers for years and had heard that this movie was different than its preceding films. Off the bat, even outside of the movie’s visuals and story, the film was different in many ways--including the change in director. Instead of Michael Bay, this Transformers movie was directed by Travis Knight. This changed the style that the movie was filmed and how different the director’s choices may be, which really showed later as I sat to watch the film.

Without spoilers, this movie was surprisingly one of the best Transformers movies I have seen. Different from Michael Bay’s Transformer films, the action-gripping, world-ending scenes that had viewers rushing through each scene on the edge of their seats, Bumblebee: The Movie seemed to slow down and explain the Transformers series as a whole. It explores the original story of the Transformers more, mixing the alien robots’ story of their home and their arrival to earth together even more fluently. There were heartfelt moments, laughs and tears in certain scenes throughout the film for some viewers. Bumblebee: The Movie seemed to connect more with the audience with specified scenes rather than each scene being rushed with story and filled with action as were the previous films.

One detail that caught many viewers’ attention was the detail of the design for the Autobots and Decepticons. In Michael Bay’s films, the Transformers were very technologically advanced and futuristic with their designs-- some were even unrecognizable according to some fans. However, in Bumblebee: The Movie, the designs hinted at their 1980s’ version. It also connected scenes and moments from the other movies and games of the series throughout the film, which excited previous fans with scenes they may have remembered from childhood. Other parts that may have excited fans were the change in lead character and story, the exploration of Bumblebee’s past, and the revival of the nostalgia from the early films and show.

I was very excited to see this movie and was impressed in the end. It has its downs, such as a slow-burn storyline and action scenes that some people wished were more developed, but also its pros. Many fans came back to see the movie again, and it broke box offices with millions of dollars. I would gladly see it again and, with certain rumors in the air about more Transformers movies by Travis Knight, I hope to be one of the first fans to be seated whenever the next Transformers movie is released by him.