Cafeteria Review: School Lunch Top 5

Photo by Sophia Wilson

By Sophia Wilson and Jack Rose

After getting school lunch everyday of our high school careers, it only made sense to write about our favorites for the paper.  

  • No. 5:  Spaghetti! Jack and I love the spaghetti so much. With a delicious sauce and noodles cooked to perfection, it is often paired with a nice orange and veggies.

  • No. 4:  Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes! The gravy from the steak blends wonderfully with the mashed potatoes, often served with corn, broccoli, or carrots. Topped off with a nice chocolate milk, this will get you through fourth block. 

  • No. 3:  Chicken! Anything chicken is always a good thing. We love the barbequed and the breaded chicken, as well as the hot and spicy chicken sandwich! You can never go wrong with chicken!

  • No. 2:  Chilli Cheese Nachos! These are amazing after third block when you need to refuel! Such a simple meal makes a serious difference in our school lives.

  • No. 1: Anything with BROCCOLI!  The perfectly salted broccoli elevates every meal in such a way that this deceptively humble side remains unmatched.  It is always a pleasant surprise when you get in line and see a classmate walk by with broccoli on their tray.  Hooray for broc!

Make sure to stock up on your veggies at the salad bar, and don’t forget to pick up fruit while waiting in line.  A healthy body and happy tummy are key to a brain that is ready to learn.