Movie Review: Spider Man Unlike Others

By Max Barron

There are plenty of Spider Man movies that have been made over the years. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse takes a different approach to add to the saga. The 2018 film is an animation, and not just any type of animation--it has a comic book feel. 

I will agree with The New York Times in saying the animations “celebrate [the franchise’s] print origins with bold graphics and mainstays of comic-book style, including thought balloons, printed words, and wavy lines to indicate a tingling Spidey Sense.”  The animation gives the film a fresh aesthetic. 

The film isn’t about the main Peter Parker storyline. It gives viewers an inside look at all kinds of different Spider Men from different dimensions. Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti, and Rodney Rothman’s film revolves around a young black teenager named Miles. In his dimension, the Peter Parker we know dies, and Miles has to take over as Spider Man. He works with the Spider Men from other dimensions to improve his Spidey skills. 

The movie was funny and exciting. The animation technique made fight scenes extremely intriguing, and the plot truly connects viewers to the characters. Even though the movie is about Miles, because of other dimensions, viewers get inside looks at other Spider Man back stories. I loved this movie, and I definitely feel it’s worth the watch. It’s a refreshing version of Spider Man unlike any other.