Quiz: Which Superhero Are You?

Photo by Patrick Evans

By Patrick Evans

Have you ever wondered which crime-fighting hero you are? Take this quiz to find out.

1)  What is your favorite color?

    A.  Black

    B.  Blue

    C.  Red

    D.  Green

 2)  What is your best quality?

    A. Keeping secrets

    B.  Caring

    C.  Being funny

    D.  Being strong

 3)  What do you want your job to be?

    A.  Businessperson

    B.  Reporter

    C.  Photographer 

    D.  Doctor

 4) What is your favorite hobby?

    A.  Studying

    B.  Spending time with family

    C.  Hanging with friends

    D.  Making a mess

5)  Where do you want to live?

    A.  A dark lair

    B.  The Arctic

    C.  New York

    D.  Ohio

6) What is the most important quality to you? 

    A.  Loyalty

    B.  Independence

    C.  Intelligence

    D.  Congeniality

7) What is your biggest weakness?

    A.  Stubbornness

    B.  Caring too much

    C.  Forgetfulness

    D.  Your temper

8) Who is your favorite person in your life?

    A.  Mom/dad

    B.  Boyfriend/girlfriend

    C.  Uncle/aunt

    D.  Best friend

9) Who would your villain be? 

    A.  Crazy dude

    B.  Politician

    C.  Best friend 

    D.  Yourself

10)  Who is your best friend?

    A.  Caretaker

    B.  Your sidekick

    C.  The nerd

    D.  Boyfriend/girlfriend


  • Majority answer A--Batman
  • Majority answer B--Superman
  • Majority answer C--Spiderman
  • Majority answer D--Hulk