What Your Favorite Color Says About You

By Destiny Brown

I bet I can guess your favorite color if you answer these ten questions. Let's get into it!

Question 1:  What do you like to do in your free time?

     A)  Go out shopping

     B)  Hang out by myself 

     C)  Play inside games with a friend or two

     D)  Have a sleepover and hang with friends

Question 2:  What's your favorite school subject?

     A)  Music 

     B)  Math

     C)  PE

     D)  English

Question 3:  How would your friends describe you?

     A)  Outgoing

     B)  Introverted

     C)  Dependable

     D)  Sympathetic

Question 4:  What is your ideal pet?

     A)  A puppy with a ton of energy

     B)  None, I don’t care for fleas and pet hair.  

     C)  Any pet--I’m not too picky.

     D)  A big, fluffy dog

Question 5:  What are you the most afraid of on this list?

     A)  Snakes, like Indiana Jones

     B)  Global annihilation by asteroid

     C)  Ghosts

     D)  Staying inside for too long

Question 6:  Pick a season. 

     A)  Spring

     B)  Winter

     C)  Fall

     D)  Summer

Question 7:  What kind of music do you listen to?

     A)  Rap or heavy metal

     B)  Old-school anything

     C)  Top 40

     D) I listen to whatever anyone else is playing.

Question 8:  Which of these applies to you?

     A)  I’m always the life of the party.

     B)  I stare down adversity with a calm, calculating eye.

     C)  Anyone can tell their problems to me--I don’t judge.

     D)  I’m always willing to help.

Question 9:  Pick a flavor.

     A)  Spicy 

     B)  Bitter or sour

     C) Salty

     D) Sweet

Question 10:  Which food makes you feel happiest?

     A)  Sushi at a secret Bywater hangout

     B)  A TV dinner watching Netflix at home with a special somebody, or                   alone

     C)  Pumpkin pie with family at a holiday meal

     D)  Ice cream on a hot day

You're a vibrant color if you answered mostly A. You're a really energetic, creative person.  You are the life of the party and a young soul. 

You're a cool color if you answered mostly B.  You're a really cool person who has a firm grip on reality and is never swayed by emotion or peer pressure.  

You're a neutral color if you answered mostly C.  Even if your personality is a bit bland, you’re a reliable friend.  You're not good or bad--you are perfectly in the middle.

You're a warm color if you answered mostly D. You are a kindhearted person. You're full of compassion--always there to help.