12 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit No Matter Your Cultural Background

19 Dec

By Destiny Brown

The holiday spirit is moving in. This can be a very joyous time for many! I have put together 12 tips to get yourself involved in holiday festivities. With that being said, let us dive in.

1.  Get joyful. Happiness helps our potency, imagination, immune system, and even our earnings. Being around people and favorite places, or doing what you love, can get you into this jolly time of year. You can also try meditation. Meditation can aid in your success to release negative energy from your life.

 2.  Write to friends and family. Rolling in after the first tip, writing letters thanking your loved ones can brighten up their day. You don't even have to write a letter thanking them! You can send a funny meme, gift, or even a funny message. 

3.  Try a DIY project. There are so many crafts you can try during this season. Have fun and try different DIYs. 

4.  Look at old photos. Seeing your younger self could brighten your day or even give you a good laugh. You could show your friends and family as well. It never hurts to go back and look at the cute little snippets of time.

 5.  Put on festive attire. Putting on festive attire can put you in the mood.  I it may even raise your self-confidence and sense of self-worth. You can get one of those ugly, itchy sweaters with a funny face on them, or you can get a trendy winter outfit. The choice is yours. 

6.  Light a scented candle. Lighting a scented candle can take you back to happier times. Some smells can even improve mood, reduce stress, and boost your happiness. Our olfactory response is directly linked to the amygdala (the emotional center of our brain.) Some scents I would recommend are vanilla, citrus, jasmine, peppermint, and lavender.  Just be sure to blow out the candle when you’re not in the room!

7.  Holiday-themed nail art. Holiday-themed nail art can give you some extra confidence for the upcoming holiday season. From snowmen to snowflakes, nail design ideas are virtually endless.

8.  Donate money to food drives! Giving to those in need can help bring some positivity to your life, as well as to the lives of the people you help feed. Now, you may be asking, why not donate canned goods to a food drive? Most of the time, people give old, unwanted cans, but that 1 dollar you spend on a can could be used by the charity to buy far more of something else in bulk. The people who are receiving these items are   people, too, so keep that in mind.

9.  Start a new holiday tradition. Starting a new holiday tradition with friends or family can be amazing. You can make current bonds closer and build a stronger relationship.

10.  Do random acts of kindness. You can probably see a pattern of me saying to be positive! That is because being positive is what the holidays are all about.

11.  Hang lights along your bedroom walls. Adding some new decor to the room can be fun and trendy. You can show off your cool new room to your friends and family.  Try one of the newer-generation, battery-powered, barely-there wire string lights.  

12.  Spread love. Remember to spread the love this season! Do random acts of kindness. Maybe bake cookies and share them with strangers. Your options are endless. Have fun!

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