6 Tips for Getting Through Distance Learning

17 Apr

By Jacob Daley

This time being at home has been tough for many people, but here is some advice that can help you make the most of this time.  

  1. To finish school work, make sure you have a very well-structured schedule. You can do this by making sure you complete all the work that alerts you that is due that day, and if you have time remaining, you can get ahead on work that’s due in the future. 

  2. Along with that, make sure you understand the material while completing your assignments. There are online office hours available for most classes, and emailing your teachers also is a good idea if office hours aren’t available.  

  3. There are many ways to keep a checklist for the day. Some students found that writing what you need to do for the day helps them make a more digestible schedule.

  4. If you are looking for things to watch after you're finished with your work, many people choose to watch hours of Netflix and other streaming services. You could even install the Netflix party browser extension to watch Netflix with your friends and chat. 

  5. Other things to do to pass the time could be practicing one of your favorite art forms so that, by the end of the quarantine, you could have something very impressive to show off along with your improved skills. Taking advantage of the free time we have right now could be very beneficial if you do it right.

  6. Although you shouldn’t be meeting up with anyone, going outside for walks and fresh air is very important for staying healthy. Just make sure you don’t touch anything or anyone and wash your hands as soon as you get back inside.

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