A Day in the Life of an Online High School Senior

03 Dec

Photo by Isabel Wilson

By Isabel Wilson

Hi, everyone! My name is Isabel Wilson, and this is my senior year.  In the interest of documenting the experience of this unusual school year, I’ll be taking you through what my normal days look like as a fully online high school senior!

Tuesday, November 10th

7:40 AM: My alarm sounds, and I wake up. Normally, I sit in bed for five minutes, get up to take a quick shower, and make my coffee before class. I grab a Tervis, regular Cold Brew, whole milk, and my new peppermint mocha creamer to make the perfect morning iced coffee.

8:10 AM: The first class of the day is Biomedical Innovations with Ms. Cluen-Brown, the fourth year of the PLTW Biomed sequence. Today we reviewed what we did last class, and are currently learning about public health in the news. I find it really interesting to learn about public health, as we are amid a public health crisis at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic. We finish the class with a little time left for me to finish up my homework for the class. After I finish my coffee, I brush my teeth and go downstairs for water to stay hydrated.

9:50 AM: My next class of the day is AP Government with Coach Walther. At the beginning of class, we take our asynchronous time to watch the videos assigned, get started on AP classroom, and research a Supreme Court case. When I finish my SCOTUS case, which today was Planned Parenthood v Casey (1992), I go downstairs to make myself a bagel and eggs before our asynchronous time ends. During the synchronous portion of the class, we discuss the presidential election, our SCOTUS cases, and share our opinions on current events, which is always interesting. We end class with five minutes left, and I go downstairs to get myself another glass of water.

11:30 AM: Third block is Calculus with Dr. Mersch. We reviewed the notes we took the night before on optimization and work out problems to get more familiar with them before our homework. We go into breakout rooms to discuss our issues with the lesson, and end class for our asynchronous portion. I start on my homework that is due Thursday and finish up my AP classroom for Gov.

1:10 PM: For lunch, I decide to make a BLT with sweet potato fries. I recently got an air fryer on Prime Day, so I’ve been making things in there like crazy. I toast my bread in the toaster for four minutes, cut up my lettuce and tomatoes, and add bacon and mayo to make the best BLT! Then, I chop up a sweet potato and add olive oil, salt, and pepper to them, and put them in their air fryer at 350 degrees for seven minutes. When all my food is made, I sit down at the table to eat my lunch without my computer. This is really important, as I’ve been trying to stay off electronics when it is not necessary. If you already have to sit in front of a computer for nine hours a day, why do it for longer?!

1:55 PM: Now I join my last Lusher class of the day, Stagecraft with Mr. McCrea. Stagecraft is my favorite class online, and it is the class that feels the most normal. We still chitchat and make jokes together, but just through a computer now. Recently, we’ve been working on casting the play Julius Caesar with a new concept and then creating a play advertisement based on our idea. I chose to adapt Julius Caesar to New Orleans, casting NOLA public figures and famous individuals from the city. We use our time to brainstorm ideas and complete the posters that we are presenting next class. Afterwards, I watch an episode of Criminal Minds before my Tulane class. ←(Here is my completed advertisement)

4:15 PM: My last class of the day is Cell, the Individual, and the Community, which I am taking through concurrent enrollment at Tulane. This class is an introduction to public health, and only lasts an hour and 15 minutes, but twice a week. Today, we discussed cardiovascular diseases, in particular, we discussed hypertension, strokes, and chronic kidney disease. Throughout the course, we have learned about how a disease affects the cell and discussed communicable vs. non-communicable diseases. We have a quiz on Thursday, so I decide to review the lectures after class. Overall, I really enjoy this class, and it has made me consider majoring in public health in college.

6:30 PM: Today is Tuesday, a.k.a. Taco Tuesday, so you can probably guess what my family ate for dinner. After dinner, I finish taking notes for my Tulane class and any homework that is due on Thursday so I can have a free day on Wednesday. I then turn in a picture of my cat to my Advisory Google classroom for a pet show and tell we are doing in Advisory on Wednesday. My advisor is Ms. Cluen, and we always have fun.

8:30 PM: I eat an ice cream sandwich, brush my teeth, and settle in for bed. I have LED lights, so I turn them off to get my brain in the right mood for sleep. I watch two episodes of Criminal Minds, set my alarm for the next morning, and then drift off to sleep.

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