Behind the Scenes of Publications Class

16 Apr

By Destiny Brown

This article is a day in the life of a student in Ms. Crockett’s Publication class (pre-distance learning).

Today you are going to be Destiny. Today is a special day. On this day we won’t have our usual class. We take a walking field trip to little Lusher to take photos for the yearbook. We walk past Tulane and see students. The girl with cool red hair smiles at you. You smile back. The class keeps going until you eventually get to Willow Street.

You and Jacob, the other freshman in the class, are partners for this assignment. The class splits up in groups of two on various assignments.  We go to take pics of our assigned grade levels or area of campus. We have been assigned to take pics of whatever grade level is on the playground or in exploratory classes when we’re on campus.  We have already mapped out which rooms to visit for exploratories. 

We find a class of 1st graders in P.E. outside. We ask if we can take photos for the yearbook. The coach responds yes, and we get some sweet candid shots. 

Then we walk around the school looking for classes in action. We find a theater class with Ms. Santos. We take so many photos, and I even take some behind-the-scenes photos. Everyone is very nice. The children are polite and well-mannered. We take silly photos, serious photos, laughing photos, posed photos, and candids. Overall, everyone appears as if they’re having fun. 

We meet some interesting 4th graders. It is recess time.  A wild 4th grader calls us “Boomers.” I must admit it is funny.  My teacher, Ms. Crockett, is not even a Boomer.  He is at least 3 generations off with me and Jacob. 

The class gathers again and begins the walk back to Freret. We leave feeling more fulfilled. You just contributed to the yearbook. You have a new story to tell.

On a regular day in Publications class, we always start with our news surveys. News surveys take 5-10 minutes to write. We get our computers and go straight to surveying what Ms. Crockett calls the day’s “newscape.”  

Sometimes we have a focus--local only, international sites only, or positive news only when the newscape gets too bleak.  We’re all good at finding stories on BBC World, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, The New York Times, WWL,, Al Jazeera--even translations of foreign language papers such as Le Monde, Die Welt, The Moscow Times.

News surveys are required daily so we stay updated on news, but also so we get a range of  perspectives from different countries and different political biases.  Another reason we do them is so we get lots of exposure to professional news writing.  My writing has improved so much over the course of this year.  We write a three-sentence summary of our article and share it with the class every day. 

After that we work on articles for The Post Diluvian (like this one), take photos for yearbook, etc. We independently work on our assignments. It is as if you are a real journalist working for The Post Diluvian

I would recommend Publications class to anyone who enjoys writing and to anyone who enjoys taking photos. You don’t need to come in with skills, but you need to have a solid interest in at least one of these to thrive in this class.   Time management is another really important part of class, because we do so much independent work with deadlines two or three weeks away.  

If you can’t fit the class into your schedule, you can also join the club to be a part of the experience.

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