Freshman Guide 2019

25 Sep

Photo by Jacob Daley

By Jacob Daley

Being a freshman at Lusher can be an amazing experience if you have the proper guidance going into it, so here are some tips on having a good freshman year.

For one, you have to have the proper supplies for each class. Certain classes have different requirements, but most teachers are flexible on your note taking. For most classes, I recommend using a binder not only for the space you have to put paper, but also for the pockets that they have which let you get away without a folder. For your foreign language, using note cards can let you study easily and also allow you to be quizzed by a peer. The teachers here are very understanding if you have a situation that would prevent you from going to class or doing homework. If you want to be excused, MAKE SURE to email your teachers in advance. Email at least either 3 or 4 days in advance.

At school, doing work isn’t everything. You want to have a good group of friends to be with at lunch or after school. This social network can make or break your highschool experience, so definitely find people you like being around. If you are new and are having a tough time finding people to sit with, then talk with people in your class to see who they sit with. If they let you join their friend group, try not to be too intrusive because many people here have been friends for a very long time, and you might disrupt their social environment and end up not being liked.

If you are new to Lusher entirely, here are some extra tips to help you. If you are having trouble finding your class, just remember these rules. The first digit of the room number tells which floor you’re on (for example, 412 is on the fourth floor).  If the class is an even number, it’s on the high school side, and odd would be the middle school side. The office is located in the center of the second floor.

After school, you might be wondering what to do besides going home. If you need to work on a certain subject that you may not be good at, ask your teachers when their office hours are. Office hours give you a chance to ask questions that you were not able to ask in class, but it also shows that you are dedicated to that subject. Showing your dedication can go a long way with your teacher.

When composing an email to your teacher, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. First is to be respectful. Your teacher will not want to help you with your problem if you are rude or disrespectful. This is a general rule that can apply to anyone in life. Next, when writing an email, make sure to avoid using text slang or abbreviations to look more professional.

Using these tips can help you succeed in high school, as well as have an enjoyable experience.

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