Journal: Publications and Crocodiles Collaborate

13 May

Photo by Kimani Coye

By Publications Class

Our little newspaper/yearbook staff in Ms. Crockett's Publications class has taken several trips this spring to Willow to get pictures for the yearbook.  On our recent trip, the last of the year, we went to Ms. Williamson's  Kindergarten class to get pics and teach them about the yearbook--what it is, what goes inside, how it's put together.  

While we were there, we also helped the Crocodile class with their geography unit on land forms, overseeing the cutting out of mountains, lakes, hills, valleys, and sky.  After the Crocs learned about the various land forms and ID'ed them in famous landscape paintings, Ari, Max, and Sophia sat at tiny tables and helped the Crocs make their own land form art, with Kimani acting as photographer.   

Meanwhile, Jack and Cassandra took cameras to the third and fourth grade classrooms to snap yearbook photos.  Brionna went to the first grade to do the same, and Nina covered the fifth grade halls.

Our seniors Brionna, Cassandra, Jack, Kimani, and Nina will miss these trips to Willow.  Sophia is looking forward to more trips to Willow (and Adams Street Grocery!) with a new group of Publications students next year.  

If you're looking for an elective that involves sharpening your writing skills with creative articles and going on regular Willow walks, join Sophia and Ms. Crockett next year in Publications!

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