Meet Your Lusher TV Gaming Co-Founder

08 Mar

By Mila Kwaske

There are a number of Lusher students who enjoy gaming.  Some 8th-grade students who enjoy gaming have started a new Lusher show called Lusher TV Gaming. To learn more about it, I got in touch with the co-founder of Lusher TV Gaming, Asher Duitch.

Kwaske: What is Lusher TV Gaming?

Duitch: Lusher TV Gaming is a new and upcoming TV show similar to Lusher TV Junior and Lusher TV, but has to do with gaming.

Kwaske: What types of games? Sports, video games…?

Duitch: Both.  We use the term very liberally. It can be Lusher sports or board games or video games.

Kwaske: How did you come up with Lusher TV Gaming?

Duitch: I didn't come up with the idea of Lusher TV Gaming. Benjamin Horwitz did.  He's the creator of it.  I am one of the co-creators. It was created as a response to Lusher TV Junior.  Gamers are very underrepresented, and we would like to represent them.

Kwaske: What are you hoping to achieve with Lusher TV Gaming?

Duitch: We 'e hoping to create a fun and entertaining show for the middle schoolers of Lusher to watch. We're hoping to represent the gaming community in a positive light.

Kwaske: Is Lusher TV Gaming trying to have primarily a middle school audience or high school audience? What type of audience are you hoping to gain?

Duitch: Well, we're not necessarily trying for high schoolers to view it, but there's nothing wrong with that. We encourage it.  We would like to showcase our creations with as many people as possible, but we had the middle school students in mind when making it.

Kwaske: Who is going to be on Lusher TV Gaming? 

Duitch: Myself and Joaquin are the two anchors for most of the news, though we have a lot of people working behind the scenes. Some special guests include Donovan, who we have a special segment for. I think a lot of people will enjoy it. We're looking to get more people, but there's no set person to be in the show.

Kwaske: How long have you been gaming?

Duitch: I’ve been gaming since I was in the womb. I'd really like to think I'm a gamer at heart, and the same with everyone else who's helping create Lusher TV Gaming.

Kwaske: What are your favorite things to do in New Orleans?

Duitch: I’ve only lived here for two years, but, some of my favorite things are going to Crescent Park and eating.  But most importantly, I like gaming. 

Kwaske: If anyone has any suggestions for Lusher TV Gaming, would you take them? If so, where should they write to?

Duitch: Absolutely, we are open to any suggestions. The one stipulation is that it must be viewable for younger audiences. It can’t be anything vulgar, no vulgar games, or violence like Fortnite. But we are open to suggestions, if you have any please email them to me or Ben at & .

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