Students Ask for More Plants, More Lion Mascot, and More Hooks in the Bathrooms

18 Dec

By Jacob Daley

Going to Lusher is an amazing experience on its own, but what separates our school from every other school is how much the school tries to improve each year. I asked some students what little additions or changes should be added to the school, and this is what they said.

Sam Carey is a very strong advocate for getting hooks in all bathrooms. He says that without hooks in the bathroom, people will just drop their passes straight on the bathroom floor, which is very unsanitary. Sam calculated that to get hooks in all bathrooms would only cost $47. He said that, without hooks, “They set the pass down on the shmutzy floor and spread the shmutz all around. Then they pick it with their unwashed, disgusting hands and go back to class and put the pass back for the cycle to begin again.”  

Sophomore Emily Fernandez said that the school needs more plants. Although this statement is vague, it can be interpreted in many ways. One way is that the garden should be expanded or renovated. Although there are many plants and vegetables in the garden in certain spots, the overall effect is one of sparseness. Adding student artwork such as sculptures would attract positive attention to the garden and, in turn, get people more interested in it. 

Another possibility is that we could decorate the inside of the school with more plants. Having more botanical decorations around the school could add a lively aura to the school. We could also have the 3D art class create unique pots for the plants, which would add even more flair to the hallways.  

Not only students, but some teachers agree.  Ms. Crockett said, “I’ve wanted to help plant some butterfly beds along the Freret building for awhile.  The Willow campus got a lot of landscaping recently.  In high school, our students don’t have recess, but many do eat lunch outside, and they’re out there on the track and quad throughout the day.  I think having butterflies flit past the classroom windows would make everybody’s day a bit happier.”

Freshman Asher Duitch said that we should have a system that allows one late homework for each class. “We should have the homework passes renewed each quarter,” Duitch said.  This system would allow students who are overwhelmed by homework on a certain day to have a balanced workload.

Freshman Paolo Florian says that we should expand on our mascot. He says that he’s never seen our mascot at any of our school events or sports games. “We could have him featured more during Lusher events,” Florian said.  

It’s true we have it pretty good here.  But since the little things add up to shape our experience of the school day, making some of these little changes could really improve the quality of life at Lusher to be even better, as well as show the students that the staff is really listening to the students. 

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