The Stress of Riding the Bus to School

25 Sep

By Destiny Brown

Have you ever ridden the bus solo?  

I ride the bus every morning.  I catch it from the East side of New Orleans, so the ride is usually about an hour.

When I discussed with fellow classmates about riding the city bus system, I discovered that many of my friends do not ride the bus.  That inspired me to look further into the experience of others in the Lusher community.  I spoke with a fellow freshman about her experiences with the bus and received some surprising discussion.  

“I like to stay updated in crime in the city,” she said.  This student, who prefers to remain anonymous, expressed anxiety about riding the bus. I decided to dig deeper and understand where that stigma of public busses comes from. 

According to another anonymous freshman, “As minority bus ridership rises, the social stigma against the transportation form compounds.”  Even so, this student went on to say, “I like the newfound independence I get from riding the bus.” 

From my experience, I do see many minority groups riding the bus. Riding the bus is seen as the mode of transport for the underprivileged, but it can be used by anyone of any class and race. The stigma is only in our heads.          

When I first began riding the bus to school, I  did not enjoy it.  But now, I have become accustomed so that I'm comfortable doing homework and texting while riding. In the beginning, I was very fearful to ride the bus alone, but with time, that feeling has decreased. I have met so many nice people who have given me a sense of family while taking public transport. 

In my experience, the people you ride the bus with could eventually become your friends. For example, I made friends with a foriegn exchange student going to university.  I find that New Orleans people are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  I have always been told good morning by fellow riders, and the bus drivers are always very helpful. Overall, riding the bus has been a life-changing experience, and I have so many fun tales to tell! 

As a member of the student body at Lusher, you may be asking how to get bus passes. When I first came to school, guidance counselors were very helpful.  I was able to get my passes relatively quickly. There is one requirement, though. You must live at least one mile from school to eligible to get bus passes.  

Happy riding! 

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