What Goes Into a Media Arts Project?

16 Apr

By Jacob Daley

The media arts CA led by Mr. Billings and Mr. Soileau allows students to express and improve in the field of media arts. Students will learn about different camera angles, photo taking methods, as well as use in photoshop for photo editing. They are also taught script writing and storyboard planning for when they make movies. Lastly, media arts work on Lusher T.V. our video form partner, that features news, comedy, and many more surprises.

Students work on many different film projects based on the situation. Students are given a theme, object, or situation and have to create a short film to satisfy those guidelines. This can help develop good story telling skills and inspire creativity for the students. After writing their film, next they have to shoot and use their cinematography skills that they learned in class. Lastly, they have to cut and edit their films before the class watches and critiques it.

When working on Lusher T.V., they have to create a balanced video of news, as well as entertainment to get people watching. They’ve filmed many segments covering sports, performances, events, and almost all school wide gatherings. It also allows you to see teachers and staff at a more fun setting than you do normally. Lusher T.V. is another thing that makes Lusher unique and different than most schools.

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