A Look Inside This Year's New COVID-Related Procedures

Random masks photo courtesy of site123.com

By Ava Gotzkowsky

This school year has been different from any other we’ve ever experienced, but we’re lucky that our school administrators put in every effort to ensure that the school environment we returned to is safe and still fun. 

Though the school year is so different, teachers and students are still able to find the good in being back on campus. We can all agree that the new, distanced lawn chairs out on the quad are pretty great. 

That’s not to say there are no challenges. Trying to focus all day in a mask can be difficult, but once you find the mask that best suits you and conforms to CDC guidelines, things should become more comfortable. Ms. Crockett said that she was “really, really nervous” to return to school mainly because wearing a mask for a long time makes her feel claustrophobic.  “I discovered silk masks, and things were much easier coming back than I thought they would be,” she said.  

And navigating all the new safety procedures seemed overwhelming at first.  To explain the procedures and help make reentry smoother, Dr. Corbett sent out a very informative, 15-minute video in early October explaining the way things should function back at school. One major difference in the school year is that students have to use specific entrances based on what their first block is. According to senior Annalisa Smith, who parks on Nashville and is required to use the Nashville entrance, “It’s like entering regularly except through one specific area. The only thing is that we have to stand and wait for a temperature check, but it’s never longer than a minute.” 

Temperature checks are mandatory upon entering the building to ensure that nobody who may have COVID-19 symptoms can spread them at school. A temperature check has never been mandatory before, but the forehead monitors make it very safe and easy, not to mention contactless. According to senior Gardner Robinson, who is now in hybrid learning, “The teachers and staff are taking everything serious and keeping everything clean and safe for us.  There are many other precautions being taken, like extra space between desks, no use of the water fountains, required mask wearing, and constant reapplication of hand sanitizer.” 

Unlike Gardner, sophomore Rosalie Box said that she chose to remain online until the end of the semester.  “I find it easier to make my own schedule and work from the comfort of my own home.” 

I’m sure that many students agree with her on that, as I do. While there may be some uncertainty in returning to school, it’s important to always know and remember that we’re all in this together, and if we continue with the correct approach, we can get through it!