An Overview of SGA and Student Life for the 2020-21 School Year

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By Sophia Wilson

Hi, I am Sophia Wilson, and I was elected SGA Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year. Since my main job is to take notes, it only makes sense to write this article. This year, Student Government and Student Life Council combined into Student Board to help communication between the two organizations. In this article, I will give a brief description of each member of SGA and the executive members of Student Life Council. 


Nia Talbott is the Student Government Association President. She is responsible for facilitating conversations between the student body and administration. Her goal is to make sure every student feels as if their voice is being heard and that their needs are being addressed. She is looking forward to finding creative ways to make this year the best under the circumstances. She is in CA Theatre, is the president of the Black Student Union, and is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, and Student Ambassadors. She is also on the girls’ soccer teams. Nia’s favorite part about Student Board is being able to fight for her peers who are too afraid to speak up for themselves. She wants everyone to know that “they are worthy and deserve to be in our school. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you are, you are important and you matter.”

Ebubechukwu Agwaramgbo is Student Government Association Vice President.  He is in charge of school clubs. He helped organize club fairs and kept track of which clubs have been created/ended. He is excited to see a future where the school is truly inclusive and is involved in clubs like the Black Student Union, Life Skills, Key Club, and Track. Ebube loves to joke around in meetings and make everyone laugh. 

I am Sophia Wilson, and I am Student Government Association Secretary. I take attendance at all meetings and take notes for members to refer to later. Along with SGA, I participate in CA Dance, am the Vice President of the National Honor Society, and I am the President of the Newspaper/Yearbook club. This year, I am excited to help plan events that are safe to attend and find ways to engage the student body virtually. My favorite thing about Student Board is collaboration.  When we get together, we have so many ideas that work well together. Something important I want the student body to know is that we are here for you. Please reach out if you ever need anything.  Student government officials were elected to be your voice. 

Seniors: Jasmin Melancon is Senior Class President and is constantly updating the Senior Google Classroom to keep her peers up to date. She is also a Spirit Leader for Student Life where she helps lead the bi-weekly assemblies. Jasmin is involved in Black Student Union, Anti-Defamation League, Student Ambassadors, Track, and CA Media Arts. Her favorite part about Student Board is the people. “They are the best Lusher has to offer and are always so creative in finding ways to make sure the school community has the best times.” Self-growth is very important to Jasmin. “Every day you should be working to better yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself.” 

Sage Allen is Senior Class Vice President and helps lead her class through different activities such as spirit week and monthly class meetings. She participates in Anti-Defamation League, Student Ambassadors, CA Dance, Black Student Union, and the Girls’ Soccer team. Sage is a Lusher Lifer and enjoys being part of SGA to collaborate with her peers. Sage wants everyone to know this: “Our voice is one of the most powerful things we have. With that being said, speak about your ideas and your views and never, ever be afraid. Our voices can spark change and help create a better world for us to live in.”

Juniors: Ani Mitchell is Junior Class President. She participates in clubs such as Black Student Union, College Match, Women in Engineering, and is a Student Ambassador and plays on the Girls’ Basketball team. She has been attending Lusher since eighth grade, and her favorite part about SGA is helping and having fun with her class. Ani thinks that it is important to make sure that all students are valued and given the same opportunities no matter the circumstance.

Malaya Mitchell is Junior Class Vice President. In this role, she helps her twin plan and organizes class events. She is very excited to make the online school experience the best it can be this year. Malaya participates in Black Student Union and College Match, and she has been at Lusher since eighth grade. Her favorite part about Student Board is “having fun with my fellow members while planning and executing events.” Something very important to Malaya is that black students’ voices need to be heard and recognized with action. 

Sophomores: Henry Morse
is Sophomore Class President and has been at Lusher since Kindergarten. This year, he was part of a focus group that planned the way school would look virtually, as well as in the hybrid model. The group met twice a week towards the end of the summer and consisted of teachers, students, and administration. He is in CA Musical Theater and is on the tennis team. Henry’s favorite part of SGA is how everyone listens to each other and collaborates very closely with everything. He believes if he ever needs anything, SGA members would be there to help. Henry also believes that is important to be kind to everyone because Lusher is a community.  He tries to be there for anyone who needs it because they are all part of the Lusher family. 

Elijah St. Martin is Sophomore Class Vice President. He is a Student Ambassador, a member of the Anti-Defamation League, Black Student Union, and Lusher TV. His favorite part about SGA is that he is able to organize and carry out activities and events with his peers. He values family and friends very much. “Throughout my time at Lusher, teachers and faculty members have taught me the importance of love, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many people that I now call my family!” 

Freshmen: Amos Liles is the Freshman Class President and enjoys creating fundraisers and awareness days for the high school. He participates in cross country, soccer, track, and CA Musical Theater. He loves raising awareness for things and contributing as much as possible to the Lusher community because of the opportunities the school has to offer. Amos believes that “you should not be defined on your appearance or something that you cannot control, but you should be defined on who you are and how you respect others.”

Kalani Ramirez is the Freshman Class Vice President and helps Amos find people for spirit games and brainstorm ideas to make the school year better. Kalani hopes to one day connect the Kindness Kit program and the NOLA Community Fridges Program to help people in need. He participated in CA Musical Theater and Swimming. He likes Student Board because the students come from different backgrounds but work together for a common goal. Something important Kalani always tries to discuss is racism. “Especially in the United States, we've gone too long being satisfied with how we live. I believe the more we learn and talk about these issues, the better we can implement what we've learned to better ourselves and society.”

Student Life Council
Mikayla Morse is the SLC President. She leads the organization of the all-school assemblies, tailgates, fundraisers, and other events. One thing she enjoyed planning for the school community was virtual assemblies. “While it requires a lot of work and creativity, it’s both fun and rewarding to see the results. I think they are an important way to bring the school together during this crazy year.” Mikayla is in CA dance and is on the cross country and tennis team. She is also the co-founder of the Model United Nations club and is the President of Lusher’s chapter of the National Honor Society. She also loves collaborating with her other student board members to come up with new ideas for school events and traditions. Something important to Mikayla is that the student body should try to participate in the events they put on. “They are one of the best parts of high school, but they are really only fun if people go for it. No one is too cool for school spirit.”

Daniel Porea is SLC Vice-President.  He is Mikayla's backup and on the scene to provide a buffer for error and pay attention to details in events for Student Life. He is looking forward to a second Spirit Week later this year. “We had a good small scale Spirit Week this fall. I would also like to get another TikTok tournament off the ground.” Daniel is also in CA Musical Theater and the President of Culinary Club. He is very invested in providing opportunities for the student body to enjoy. His favorite part about Student Life is “seeing the healthy and entertaining competition over school spirit. I like seeing each grade's pride shown in many fascinating ways.”

Mollie McNulty is Co-Spirit Leader. She leads assemblies and works to raise the school spirit of her peers while being on the leadership team of the Student Life Council. She is most excited about planning COVID-safe events throughout the school year to bring students a sense of normalcy and celebrate the senior class. Mollie is in CA Musical Theater, Student Ambassadors, National Honor Society, and Model United Nations. She loves being on Student Boards because of the group of seniors she gets to work with. She was the student body to know that “ I live for the Dollar Tree, and Sharpay Evans was not the villain of High School Musical.”

Riley Price is Student Life Council Secretary. She has actually had this role since her sophomore year! She helps ensure that communication is efficient within the council and events to run smoothly. She enjoys working on assemblies, big/little events, tailgates, and spirit competitions. She is also committed to trying to find ways to bring the student body together in a safe way. She is in CA dance and participates in Model US, NHS, and Key Club. Her favorite part about Student Life Council is the chance to strengthen morale and get students excited. Riley wants everyone to know this: “Grades are not everything, and your mental and physical health should always be top priority!!!”