Boiling Over With Fun

Photo by Nina Rollins

By Nina Rollins

On March 30th, Lusher brought its festive spirit to New Orleans’ Uptown community by holding its annual Crawfish Boil. This year, Lusher stepped it up with new additions, including many parts of the Freret community.

The event opened early Saturday morning, immediately roaring to life with games for kids, food and drink from vendors, and performances by Lusher students and local artists such as Hazel and the Delta Ramblers. Games included face painting, a dunk booth, planko, and more. Kids had a blast winning prize-tickets.These tickets got them surprises from Lusher’s prize booth, where parents and the community donated toys for the kids to win. With these games, kids could also play on inflatables out on the field.

Along with the games, food was another big attraction. Some of the vendors’ offerings included burgers, hot dogs, salads, candies, fried catfish, cakes, and Lusher’s own boiled crawfish. The crawfish sold out quickly, but Lusher parents were quick to boil more!

When the kids were done playing and the food was all eaten, many families relaxed in front of the music stage or went in the gym to see the performances. One of the favorite musicians was Mr. Hughes from Lusher’s own elementary school. The bands played from opening until closing, bringing a large audience and enjoyment to the fundraiser. 

Entertainment also included Lusher arts performances, with numbers from high school and middle school dancers, Cabaret performances, and the middle school Aladdin Jr. Families could go into the gym, sit in the A/C, and enjoy the performances at the scheduled times.

Certain additions were added this year to include parts of our community, such as “The Teen Lounge,” costing only three tickets to get in. This was an area on the field filled with games and relaxation where teens got to hang around and spend time with friends. A DJ was also provided, playing music from 2-5 p.m. Another addition was the Lusher snapchat filter. Made by the Lusher alumna, the filter is a tradition where students could take photos with the filter for fun.

By the end of the day, Lusher’s annual fundraiser ended on a good note. High school English and Publications teacher, Ms. Crockett, said, “This was my Kindergartner’s first crawfish boil.  Lucinda was very shy at first and didn’t even want to throw confetti eggs, but now I’m having a hard time getting her to leave.”