Exploring the New Schedule

By Kayla Morrell

As we’re going on almost a year now of COVID-19 having taken over the world, many schools still sit in confusion. There are still questions about how to teach via Zoom and how to work over Google Classroom. 

Lusher Charter School decided before the school year started in August that high school students would take four classes per semester rather than eight the whole year. While there are benefits and drawbacks to this new plan, students have much to say about the new schedule.      

First, let's talk about the benefits. The ability to focus on four classes assists students in retaining information. Anna Hutchinson, a junior at Lusher, states, “I love the four classes per semester! It allows me to give all my attention to my classes, rather than be all over the place trying to memorize everything. Even though homework is due the next day, it is still more comfortable.” As explained in the quote, the four classes per semester are letting students concentrate on their main classes. 

Now, onto the drawbacks. There is a situation where students don’t take AP tests till May even though they finished their AP coursework in December. This can create forgetting of information, frustration, and the addition of more studying time towards the end of the year. And it brings up the question, is it fair if students taking the AP test have had the class more recently than other students? 

Eleanor Brooks, a junior at Lusher, explains, “It’s really difficult when taking a high-content AP class in just a semester because it is more cramped. So, I like the eight classes schedule better.” When asked, most students agreed that the four classes per semester schedule work better for them. These students who answered positively toward the new schedule declared their stress decreased tremendously. Some even announced their grades increased. 

While this decision to change the dynamic of the semesters was a factor of COVID-19, will Lusher continue with it? If you believe strongly about the new schedule, respond to the poll linked below. Disclaimer:  This is not a petition--it will simply record which schedule you prefer.