Friday Assemblies and a Revamped Schedule

By  Sophia Wilson and Kayla Morrell 

With a new school year comes big changes. The beloved Wednesday schedule of years past has been cut to make room for the much more fun new Friday schedule. Now students have late arrival at 9:20, 60-minute classes, advisory, and an activity all in one day. 

Instead of teacher meetings after school on Wednesday, they are now Friday morning meetings. This is because many teachers were unable to attend after school meetings because of fifth block and athletic coaching commitments. This problem has been easily fixed by the late arrival of students on Fridays. 

The Friday activity could include assemblies, grade competitions, and class meetings. The activities are a good brain break for students and a way to come together and bond. The Friday activities are longer and not as rushed this year.

The late arrival might have made students excited at first, but some students realize they still have to go to school at 8 am due to parents’ work schedules. With homework, sports,  after-school activities, and other personal commitments, students are not getting enough sleep. The late arrival time on Fridays helps students get more sleep, but only for those who have the luxury to sleep in. The new schedule's 60-minute Friday classes and extra time to finish homework on Friday mornings are an attempt to fix that.  

Students seem to like the new Friday schedule because of the short classes and the late arrival.  “The new Friday schedule helps because I’m able to work Thursday nights now and not be quite as exhausted for school the next day,” senior Julian Box, who works at Juan’s Flying Burritos, said.

A 10th-grade student, Macy Taylor, commented on the new schedule, saying, “I like the new schedule better because the classes are shorter, which is nice on a Friday.”  Taylor continued, “I get to come in later. I do wish that I had shorter advisory blocks, but a few days a week instead, like last year. But the Friday assemblies are a very fun way to end the day, I am just hoping they don’t call my name for the games.”

Sisira Holbrook, another 10th-grade student, also commented on the schedule, saying, “I like being able to have time to walk around Freret in the morning, but sometimes I do get bored, and I am losing time at home where I could be more productive on Wednesdays.” Holbrook comes to school on Fridays at the normal time, 8:00, but still finds the new schedule still enjoyable. 

A vote on the schedules was held in Ms. Johnson’s s Spanish II class. The majority voted that they liked the new schedule and activities better, with 21 votes, and only seven votes for wanting the old schedule back. 

Other than the late arrival and shorter class times, there is now an activity block. Zoe Kanga, President of the Student Life Council, says, “The purpose of the new Friday schedule is to increase school spirit and make school a more fun place to come to.” Kanga continued, “And since, with the advisory schedule last year, there was never enough time for assemblies, it felt like we were not meeting as a whole high school enough. So right now we are really trying to form this community throughout high school.”