Kids Run Off Halloween Candy Sugar High at Fun Run

Photo by Ella Guichet and Natalya Meighan

By Kayla Morrell

The Fun Run is a day when the elementary kids from Lusher’s Willow Street campus come to the Freret campus to run around the big track. It is a way for elementary students to not only have fun and get exercise, but it’s also a good way for them to get a sneak peek towards their future school. 

But the Fun Run is also a fundraiser. Henna O’Neil, PTSA member in charge of the Fun Run, says, “The money is raised for the general PTSA funds, which, in turn, get put back into our school. We have raised money to pay for the playground, lighting, the new field and landscaping in front of Willow, seating at the Goldring Center, and we’ve even raised money to donate to French Settlement school after they experienced tragic flooding.”

This event started at the Willow campus, but five years ago it was moved to the Freret campus. This was because the Ferret campus supplies the field and track. During class, middle and high school students went to cheer on the kids in the cold weather.  There is pop music pounding in the background to hype the kids up.  A few songs played: “Happy,” “Nothing Holding Me Back,” and “Old Town Road.” The cheerleaders were also on the sidelines supporting the kids. 

The event was organized by PTSA members. The kids raise money by asking their family and friends to sponsor an amount for each lap they run. The children run an average of 5-20 laps for the third through fifth graders, while the Kindergarten through 2nd grade run a smaller track, this year completing up to 40 laps. 

This year’s theme was Monster Dash. The kids got to dress up in running-appropriate costumes. To encourage the kids, prizes were awarded to the kids who run the most laps. The person who runs the most laps in each grade level is awarded a cookie cake. Another prize is the grade level with the most slips (the sponsor sheet), which wins an ice cream sandwich party.

Coach Kugler adds, “I wonder how many of the students remember their Fun Run experience. I think the Fun Run is a perfect example of how two campuses connected make Lusher the place it is.”