Temporary Closing of Lusher Causes an Unpredictable Senior Second Semester

By Emma Buttell and Grear Palmer 

Due to the closure of Lusher campus on March 16th, the highly awaited senior events of the end of the school year are now presumably canceled. In the interest of the student body’s public safety, Governor John Bel Edwards mandated all Louisiana K-12 schools be closed for the remainder of the school year as COVID-19 hits Louisiana and the rest of the world.

This decision has caused the class of 2020 to forfeit their Spring events such as prom, CA senior shows, and, most importantly, graduation. Although official word has not been given yet on most events, it seems highly unlikely that they will take place at all.  

Due to the school closure, classes have shifted to an online learning platform. Teachers have been utilizing Google Classroom in order to get information and tasks out to students. This form of teaching will last until the end of the school year, which for seniors is May 1st.

“It has been weird to transition into online classes,” said senior Charlotte Davenport. “I’ve had difficulty organizing due dates as well as managing my schedule throughout the day.” 

Teachers are supposed to stick to the A day/B day schedule, and only assign around 30-45 minutes of work per class. 

“I’m worried that the existing schedule for seniors, consistent with missing days for high school testing in April, will be overridden, forcing us to continue with online classes,” reported another anonymous senior.

“I feel as if my workload has actually increased, and a lot of assignments are busy work,” continued senior Charlotte Davenport. 

Another senior, who would prefer to remain anonymous, noted, “Online learning hasn’t been such an adjustment. I am still receiving necessary information and knowledge that allows me to complete my work. The biggest transition has been not being able to see my friends on a daily basis.” 

Prom, scheduled for April 25th, has been “indefinitely suspended.” “I feel really upset about the possibility of missing out on my senior prom,” said Sylvie Hunter. “This is an event  that you look forward to all of high school” Hunter continued. 

“Not only is prom the upperclassman’s last hurrah--as a grade, this is our last opportunity to be all together as a class before we transfer into college and adult life in different cities and states,” said another anonymous student. 

Graduation, scheduled for May 22nd, is also facing cancellation. Many students noted that they had family members coming into town for the celebration who are now considering having to cancel those plans. For Lusher Lifers, graduation would symbolize the end of a 13-year span of familiar faces and places before transitioning to college and/or adulthood. 

Of course, Lusher is not the only place experiencing the effects of COVID- 19.  Major citywide events such as Buku Fest, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Jazz Fest, and Essence Fest have all been cancelled or postponed. All of these cancellations are in alignment with the social distancing policy issued by the state. 

To conclude, an anonymous senior states that he/she has “tested positive for missing the homies.”