Lady Lions Soccer 2019-20 Season Review

By Matthew Richards

The Lusher Lady Lions Varsity Girls Soccer Team closed their 2019-2020 season with a loss in regionals to fourth-ranked St. Louis High after a 2-1 upset of David Thibodaux in the first round of the playoffs. The Lady Lions posted a regular season record of 10 wins, 6 losses, and 2 ties with notable victories against De La Salle (4-0), Patrick Taylor (6-1), and Morgan City (3-1) going into the playoffs. 

Led by seniors Mary Grace Foster, Lucy Galyean, Kaelyn Bailey, Hannah Jabaley, Courtney Nero, and Sophia Parker, along with a wealth of young talent, the Lady Lions were able to produce a successful year overall, with Coach Eric Kugler saying, “I think by any measure, our season was a success.  One of our team goals was to go further, which meant completing our second-round playoff game, which we were able to achieve against [4th-seeded] St. Louis out in Lake Charles.” 

The girls faced a brutal playoff schedule, having to travel the two-and-a-half hours to Lafayette to face David Thibodaux and then traveling another three-and-a-half hours to Lake Charles to face St. Louis--all while still managing to perform well. 

“After one of our best performances of the year, we earned a hard-fought victory (versus Thibodaux) and the opportunity to head back out to St. Louis and give them our best,” said Coach Kugler. 

The future for the girls program, however, looks to be brighter than ever as Coach Kugler proudly expressed, “The future of Lusher Soccer looks really bright. We continue to retain our middle school players, which is so important for us, so shout out to Coach D, Coach Marcus, and Coach Polson for their work in the middle school programs.  I think the new sports facility will make a big difference as well.  The ability to consistently practice and play on a great surface will continue to help our girls improve in all facets of the game. So, overall, I think our future looks pretty great.” 

We cannot wait to see what next year holds for our Lady Lions Soccer team as they close the book on the 2019-2020 season and look toward the 2020-21 year. Go, Lions!