Lions Baseball In Midst of A Solid Season

By Ari Berk

From 2018 to 2019: Errors cut in half, walks down by over 35%, half the runs allowed, and 40% fewer hits allowed. 

This is only a taste of the remarkable growth demonstrated by Lusher’s baseball team this year, as Dr. Corbett proudly posted to his Twitter stream. The team, which currently sits at 9-6, has undergone a massive turnaround from last year and is looking at a high playoff seed if they maintain their winning ways. 

“This year through six games, we already had more wins [than last year]” said senior outfielder and pitcher Nathan Giordano. “Compared to last year, I feel like this team has a much better knowledge of the game.” 

However, Giordano said that the biggest improvement from last year to this year was team chemistry. “This team fights for each other, lays it all down on the line for each other, and it honestly feels like they’re my brothers.”

Junior Jerrime McAfee agreed, saying, “The team chemistry was better this year than last year.  Everyone got along, and that translated to us performing together on the field.”

Junior Julian Box added, “We care a lot more this year, which led to us working harder.”  

It goes without saying, though, that such an evolution would not be possible without Coaches Walther and Merkley, both of whom Giordano also had high praise for. “He’s been trying to change the culture of Lusher Baseball, and this year I feel like we’ve done that,” Giordano said about Coach Walther. “He always pushes us to grind, earn our spots, and compete for each other.” On first-year-Coach Merkley, Giordano added, “He’s helped the team significantly. I’ve personally worked with him pitching, and he’s helped me develop a lot.”

As a whole, the coaches and players of the Lusher baseball team are a well-oiled machine this year. It shows from the raw stats to the intangible chemistry on field.