Lions' Girls Basketball Gets a New Coach

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By Matthew Richards

The Lusher Varsity Girls Basketball program has a new head coach! Coach Daniel Shugars joins the Lusher community by way of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and is ready to lead the Lady Lions on the path to success.   The Post Diluvian’s sports reporter, Matthew Richards, talked with Shugars recently about the move.

Matthew Richards: Where did you coach previously?

Daniel Shugars: I have had the opportunity to coach at a couple of places before landing at Lusher. Holy Innocents High School in Atlanta, where we were able to win a state championship, Oglethorpe University, and Chamblee Charter School.

MR: Why did you choose Lusher?

DS: I wanted to take over a program that needed some tender care, but also a school that has great academics. 

MR: What do you hope to bring to the program?

DS: I’m looking to bring success to the Lusher girls’ basketball program. I believe that you can have the best of both worlds. Here at Lusher with its rich traditions in academics, why not a successful girls’ basketball program? I believe if you start with your grassroots, meaning your elementary and middle school kids--getting them involved and interested in girls’ basketball--I think the program can take a change for the better.

MR: How can girls who are interested in joining contact you?

DS: By email at

MR: What would you say your style of coaching is like, and who has influenced it?

DS: I am very defensive-minded but love to play an up-tempo offensive game. I have a couple of coaches that have influenced me over the years, Coach Bobby Knight and Pat Summit being at the top of the list. The way they coach, prepare, and their mental toughness always showed throughout their teams’ play.

MR: Name three to five things you like/enjoy besides basketball.

DS: Family time, working out, and traveling.

MR: If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

DS: Energetic, hardworking, and honest.
MR:  And, last, do you have a favorite movie or TV show? 

DS:  NCIS New Orleans!